Detangling natural hair is a task that requires a lot of patience and caution. It is imperative that you do so because your entangled hair can easily mat and break off. Many try to avoid the brush by putting their hair in twist, braids, and locs. Personally, I fell in love with locs because detangling was something I avoided doing, which stunted the growth of my natural hair.

If you have natural hair growth goals, you have to learn the right way to detangle. This will help you with washing and styling. Hair products will also get properly distributed throughout your follicles when you have tresses free of tangles. Here are some tips on how to get your hair detangled the right way.

Wet Detangling

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The more moisture is in your hair, the easier it is for a comb or brush to glide through. That is because liquid automatically makes your hair softer. After wetting your hair, find a conditioner that is rich in vitamins. Apply generously.

Separate your hair into sections. Hair clips are great to utilize when creating your sections. Only use a wide tooth comb or your fingers to detangle. Hair experts advise that its best to work with your fingers first before even using a comb. You want to avoid breakage as much as possible.

Dry Detangling

Even when you are detangling your hair without a shampoo or conditioner, you have to use some type of moisture. Fill your spray bottle with water. When combing through work from the bottom and then gently climb your way up.

Make sure you continue to spritz your hair throughout the process. Dry detangling may take longer, but it is necessary.

How Often Should You Detangle?

The average head sheds 50-100 times a day. So, you should only try to detangle your hair once a week. Wearing protective styles to create more time in between your detangling sessions is important. This will give your hair time for growth.

When you over detangle, that can lead to excessive hair loss. So plan accordingly and use products that are best for you.

Popular Detangling Products/Tools

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With the natural hair movement growing, many are starting to educate themselves on the contents of the hair products they are using. Endometriosis, uterine fibroids, headaches, and even cancer are being linked to some hair products. Do your research and remember to read labels. Carcinogens are not something to put in your hair, because it can be absorbed through your scalp.

Coconut oil is natural, and can easily be mixed with water. Natural oils in general, including the olive oil you put in your food, is very popular for detangling. And with oils you don’t have to worry about rinsing anything out when you are done.

Shower combs are perfect for detangling. They are basically wide tooth combs you can use in the shower. It also will save you time if you hang it on your shower head and use it once a week while showering.

What is your favorite product/tool to use while detangling? How do you like to detangle your hair?


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